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E-commerce Development


E-commerce Development

E-commerce Development

Get Your Shop Online with E-commerce solutions like Opencart, OSCommerce etc! Sell Products Online and increase your profits with Indglobal’s advanced E-commerce services!
In today’s on-line market trends E-Commerce (Electronics Commerce) revolutionary modification the commerce and purchasing product and services over the web exploitation on-line payment like credit cards or PayPal.

SEO Services

What Makes a Organic SEO:

  1. Content: This is the most important point for an organic SEO to be successful. Your content should not only be unique but also be able to describe the complete nature of your work.
  2. Keywords and Phrases: They should be chosen intelligently so that you appear in the searches of the people.
  3. Navigation and Website Structure: A clear, friendly and intuitive user interface for your website as good site navigtation not only encourages visitors to explore your site, but it also invites search engines to review your site.
  4. Link Building: It is necessary to have links building and referrals from other sites. It is the most ethical way to promote your site.

Facebook Application Development

Facebook Application Development : Recently Facebook has become a platform for socializing with people across the whole world. More and more applications are available on this platform because of its reach to the international audience. Due to the amazing structure and conceptual brilliance with which Facebook has been built, it becomes a powerful tool to spread information to people, communities and beyond that. Thus a business, which needs its customers to be updated and informed, must think this as a viable option. Facebook application also indirectly provides for free advertising whenever the user shares content related to the application, thus making other users aware of your product or company.


SEO services

Each website is unique in its own way and hence our search engine optimization (SEO) plans differs from website to website. However we are providing a comparison chart of our five major SEO services to give you a brief overview :-

1)Minimum Contract Period (6 Monthts )
2)On-page Optimization
3)Conversion Tracking
4)Inbound Content Marketing (New*)
5)Social Media Marketing & Reports

Joomla Web Design & Development

Joomla Web Design & Development
Joomla Web Design and Development is an award winning, free, open source Content Management System (CMS) that propels your business site to newer heights. With a highly experienced and talented resource pool of Joomla developers and years industry experience, Rightway’s Joomla development services 
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Web Design & Development

Web Design & Development
There are many Website companies in Bangalore but a good web design company will be one with open communication and ideas to get the job done. When we run a website design and development project, indglobal consider the visual organization every step of the way. We won’t stop working until you have the website you want.
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